INTERACTIVE MAP: Navigating Manila's University Belt


Posted at Jun 24 2014 05:36 PM | Updated as of Jun 30 2014 07:28 PM



For those who want to kill time during vacant periods or weekends, I-Chill is the place to be. I-Chill is open 24/7, and offers online and offline gaming.

Heaven's Touch

Heaven's Touch is a student cafeteria that offers an assortment of meals at reasonable prices. Because of its popularity it was featured on ABS-CBN's "KrisTV."

Ilar's Tapsilog

Ilar's Tapsilog prides itself in serving one of the best tapa meals around UST, for a student-friendly budget of less than P100.

Mang Tootz Food House

One of UST's most reliable eateries is Mang Tootz Karinderia, located at Padre Noval Street. Personalities like Kris Aquino and Anthony Taberna have sampled the eatery's famed "banana-rama".

Cafe UK

For all-nighters, students won't go wrong with Cafe UK. Aside from being open 24/7, the shop features comfortable furnishings and is air-conditioned.

Asturias Stretch

Forgot to print or photocopy something? Don't worry because Asturias Street, just a stone's throw from Manila schools, is home to various printing and photocopy shops.


Ledion's computer rental rates are easy on the pocket, making it a favorite haunt of students on a budget. While you can rent a computer for P10 per hour, the shop features promos as well. In the morning promo, you can rent a computer for three hours for P50, five hours for P70, and seven hours for P100. If availing of the night promo, you can rent a computer for four hours for P45, eight hours for P80, and 12 hours for P110.

Mineski Infinity

This 24-hour computer shop is a good place to go when you have to rush a paper which is due the next day. While it does not offer printing services, it sells food, making cramming easier.

Tapsi, Asturias St.

College wouldn't be college without drinks, karaoke and good friends. A night spent in Tapsi in Asturias Street has been a rite of passage for many generations of Thomasians.

Joli's General Merchandise

Joli's General Merchandise offers school supplies and printing services.

Coin Laundry

Coin Laundry offers quick and affordable laundry services, making life more convenient for those staying in dormitories, apartments, and condominiums.

Nitz Printing Services and Restaurant

Nitz Printing Services has saved the academic life of many students-rush service is their area of expertise.

Bilyaran sa Dapitan

For times when you just want to relax, or hang out with friends, there is a billiard hall at the corner of Dapitan and Navarra Street.

Rock Band

If you want to let your inner rock star out, Rock Band is the place for you. Aside from KTV facilities, Rock Band features PS3 and Xbox gaming.


Those who want to pamper themselves after a tough day of exams or fieldwork can go straight to Nailbucks.

Alva Computer and Photocopying Services

For photocopying needs, one can go to Alva Computer and Photocopying Services in Nicanor Reyes.

Rex Bookstore

For a comprehensive, organized and dust-free book shopping spree, Rex Bookstore is the place to go.

Chat and Chow Place

Have a snack at Chat and Chow Place, found across UE, while you wait for your papers to be photocopied in the services stretch across UE.

Corona School Supply

Forgot to buy the blue filler notebook your professor asked for? Don't fret because Corona School Supply is just a corner away.

Nicanor Reyes Street

If you want to save a few pesos on your next book purchase, Nicanor Reyes Street (formerly Morayta) is the place to go. Here you can find everything from secondhand academic books to fiction novels.

Recto Avenue

For all your ID lanyard and binding needs, various shops offer their services for a very low price in Recto Avenue. For P1,500, you can have your thesis printed at Recto Avenue, near Interface Computer College.

Cyber Arena

An internet cafe that is open 24 hours is definitely a plus. Cyber Arena offers its services to students who are in need of late-night services.


Lerma is known for the abundance of school supplies and photocopy shops.

Printing services stretch, along UE

Print your heart out with the numerous printing shops available just a stone's throw from the University of the East.

Haces de Amor Laundry Shop

Haces de Amor Laundry Shop has 10 years under its belt, and takes pride in its competent staff and quick service.

GDP Gordi Plaza (Mall)

Gordi Plaza is a ladies' dormitory that offers fully-furnished bedrooms and a wi-fi ready study area, among other amenities.

Task Force UBA station

Those needing police assistance can go to the Philippine National Police's Task Force UBA (University Belt Area) outposts, which can be found in P. Naval Street, and Mendiola.

Budget meal lane along R. Papa St. corner Nicanor Reyes St., Espana

Being on a budget doesn't mean sacrificing taste. For quality meals at a reasonable prices, students can go to the food block on R. Papa Street. This area is affectionately called "Hepa Lane" due to the abundance of street food sold at student-friendly prices.

UV Express Terminal

Near Recto Station, LRT 2 - Malolos - Recto