Fil-Italian 'Master Chef' contestant gets the chop

Posted at | Updated as of 07/16/14 12:32 AM

HOLLYWOOD - Filipino-Italian "Master Chef" contestant Francis Biondi who was considered as a frontrunner when the show premiered last May, became the latest to be eliminated from the television cooking competition.

In his introductory video package for the popular Fox TV series Francis B, as he is known on the show, spoke about his love of cooking Filipino food.

"I'm half Italian and half Filipino and in both cultures, noodles is a very dominant starch. I love cooking pasta, I love cooking pancit, a very staple Filipino food," he said.

Ironically, it was cooking vegetable spring rolls, a popular Asian dish or lumpia as Filipinos call them, that got him sent home.

The contestants have to prepare and cook the dish in 60 minutes.

Though he was a standout in previous episodes, Francis B was eliminated when the judges, led by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, didn't think his spring rolls were good.

But the national TV exposure and fans he accumulated while on the show might be enough for the Florida residence to make it on his own in the culinary world.

The 25-year-old restaurant server is a self-taught kitchen whiz who frequently studies online cooking videos and asks his mom for cooking advice.

Every year, Master Chef, now on its 5th season, scouts regular people with cooking talents from all over the US and turns one of them into a culinary master. The winner receives a quarter of a million dollars and cookbook deal and a Master Chef title.

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