Readers divided over Pacquiao-Krista 'affair'


Posted at Nov 18 2009 01:31 PM | Updated as of Nov 18 2009 09:34 PM

MANILA – The public are divided over the Manny Pacquiao-Krista Ranillo’s alleged love affair.

While some dismissed it as mere rumor and went on to defend the newly-crowned World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champ, others wouldn’t let Pacquiao get off the hook that easily as they gave their scathing take on the issue.

In’s article Pacquiao hits back over Krista issue, one reader said it was mere part of a demolition job against Pacquiao especially after his victory over Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico.

Reader jjian_ph was demanding for a “concrete evidence” to prove the alleged affair.

jjian_ph commented: “All of you seem to like listening to rumors (mga tsismosa’t tsimoso). You all don't know what will be the effect of your stupidity, and it only shows that you all want to destroy a happy family, that of the Pacquiaos.

“Our hero is truly famous and gave honor to our country but it seems that all of you are not happy. You’re all sick and don't know how to appreciate the honor that Manny Pacquiao have given us Filipinos.”

Another reader, Psylom, also backed the people’s champ crab mentality remark.

“Huwag masyadong magpapaniwala sa mga tsismis. Huwag magpapadala sa mga sulatin na exaggerated. Tanggalin natin ang crab mentality. ‘Yon ang pangit na ugali ng Pinoy,” said Psylom.

Rag927 also lambasted those who are snooping into his private life.

Rag927 wrote: “Tama si manny in saying na kaya tau hindi umaasenso, kase mahilig tau makialam sa PERSONAL na buhay ng iba. pabayaan na natin sa kanila ni jinkee kung me personal problem sila. PAGTUUNAN nlng natin ng pansin ang KARANGALANG IBINIGAY SA BANSA ng isang MANNY PAQUIAO! (sic).”

Other readers, however, were not pleased by the rumor, with some of them even claiming that they spotted Pacquiao and Ranillo together in Las Vegas.

Busybody, for one, commented that Pacquiao should take into consideration the feelings of his wife, Jinkee, and their children.

“Even if the stories are for the movie only, it is hurting Jinkee and the children. Sana Manny will realize what he is doing and Krista, huwag naman…. Sabi ni Manny, crab mentality? who is pushing him down but himself (sic),” busybody wrote, referring to the upcoming “Wapakman” movie of Pacquiao and Ranillo.

Busybody also reminded the Filipino boxing icon about karma.

“Jinkee, be strong… don't give up....We support you....,” busybody added.

Hekatene, meanwhile, noted that controversies such as this are the result of his fame and fortune, but the reader maintained that adultery is unacceptable.

“His family is at stake and most important of all his standing before God,” said hekatene.