5 things children raised by Filipino parents can relate to

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Posted at Jul 28 2017 01:08 PM | Updated as of Jul 29 2017 12:35 AM

From the moment a child is born, Filipino parents begin to instill an array of Pinoy values in his consciousness. These are embodied by the tales and lullabies our parents never got tired of retelling before we fall asleep, as they cradle us in their arms and give us gentle kisses on the cheeks.

And while he may live in faraway shores and learn to speak a new language, the good memories of the times he spent in his country will surely remain with him to evoke tears of nostalgia and genuine smiles of hope.

Whether you grew up in a secluded barangay or in a bustling city, as long as you’re raised by Filipino parents, it’s guaranteed that you can relate to these different Pinoy beliefs, habits, and traditions. Here are some:


If there’s one thing that is common among Filipinos, it’s their countless superstitions. Every province in the Philippines has a unique set of superstitions that play crucial roles in every stage of one’s life—from marriage to childbirth and even death.

You probably grew up questioning your parents why you have to believe in superstitions—which you think are completely illogical. You ask them why you’re not supposed to take a bath at night or why they insist on knocking on wood when you start taking about tragic events or why a black cat connotes bad luck.

But then again, you can’t question superstitions for they have been around for many generations before you. And you just find yourself subconsciously believing them as you grow older. Sometimes you’ll even pass them on to the next generation.



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While growing up, your mom always reminded you to put a towel on your back when you start sweating. “Huwag kang magpapatuyo ng pawis! Hihikain ka niyan,” your mom quips.

This belief gave rise to the well-loved “Good Morning Towel,” and you probably have more than a dozen of it in your closet which are still good enough to be used by your future grandkids.

But did you ever realize that Good Morning Towels represent our parent’s warm touch? Whenever you’re playing outside the house, your mom never forgets to remind you to bring a towel with you. This, because of the very reason that the towel will take the role of their hands.



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Apart from the sumptuous food and the loud videoke music, there’s so much more to love about family reunions. It could be the P20 cash prize when you join the annual singing contest or simply the chance to see the people whom you are related to by blood.

Among Pinoys, family always comes first. Blood is always thicker than water. That’s why we’re always drawn to helping a family member who needs us, and we always make sure to hold family reunions so we’d get a chance to meet the new members of the clan and reminisce the good times with the old ones.

And whenever we’re in trouble, the first thing that always comes to mind is to call a family member who will help you unconditionally.


One of the best things about being a Filipino is the fact that whatever happens, one can always come home. In fact, many young adults choose to stay in their homes, in the comfort of their families.

Many houses, especially in the provinces, are continuously renovated for expansion to welcome more new members to the family. This is far from the Western belief where children are expected to move out after high school. In a Pinoy home, you’re welcome to stay as long as you want.


Every weekend and special celebration is made extra festive with food. No wonder, all Pinoys are foodies. Be it a simple delicacy or a complicated dish, Filipinos can make every dish special with their inherent passion for cooking and heirloom recipes.

As Pinoys, there are ingredients we couldn’t just let go because they’re become part of our heritage. For many years, these ingredients have been bringing out the best in every meal. Perhaps, one of the most well-loved Pinoy ingredients is Eden Cheese, which has been making your favorite dishes yummier and cheesier for decades now.

Surely, a dish that is cooked with Eden Cheese will bring more life to every home and remind us how amazing it is to be Filipino. Thus, in an effort to spread love and nostalgia, Eden Cheese launched the #EdenYakapStories to strengthen Pinoys’ innate love and affinity to their families. It is a series of uplifting films featuring comforting moments provided by Eden’s creaminess. Each film has a simple yet unique recipe that showcases how creamy Eden is, and how it can truly elevate any simple dish while highlighting the essence of the Filipino family.

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