Burden of young workers rises; seniors are insecure

Can the young workers carry the burden? Should seniors be worried? Indeed, these are life-and-death questions for those now in the dimming world of their lives, especially with a possible global financial, and thus economic, meltdown flowing from the United States.

CBCP asks Pope to visit Manila in 2009

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has formally invited Pope Benedict XVI to attend next year’s celebration of Asian Youth Day to be held in Manila, has learned.

RP Youth bows to powerhouse Korea

The Nokia-RP Youth team lost in the face of Korea’s dazzling run-and-gun game and took an 80-98 beating at the start of the quarterfinal round in the FIBA Asian Under-18 Championships in Tehran, Iran Sunday.

RP youth team routs UAE, enters quarterfinal

The Philippine Youth team, gaining inspiration from Lebanon’s rout of Taiwan, put on a solid effort and dominated United Arab Emirates, 73-54, to barge into the quarterfinal round of the 20th FIBA Asian Junior Championship in Tehran, Iran Sunday.

Pagara TKOs Thai foe in 'Night of Champs' undercard

Filipino boxer Jason Pagara retained his Asia Pacific Youth lightweight belt via technical knockout, pummeling Thai journeyman Kongdej Sithtrajtrakan in the undercard of the WBO Night of Champions Saturday.

Despite handicaps, Filipinos are top-ranked debaters

Even with its widening appeal, Filipino debaters still face numerous hurdles.Although Filipino debaters and teams are top-ranked, they still face a lot of disadvantages in the international debate arena. For instance, Filipinos aren’t native English speakers. But even with problems like these, Filipinos do not lag behind in terms of world debating.

The Filipino debater: Engaging the world in a lively debate

First of two parts. First published August 18, 2008.

Debating has brought international recognition to many Filipino students for years. As a result, it is now enjoying widespread popularity among high schools, colleges and universities across the country. But the road towards world-class Filipino debaters was a long and hard one.

Food today or education for tomorrow? A mountain school story

SHARIFF KABUNSUAN - Bliugan Primary School is as basic and isolated as they come: the wooden school house was built in 1960 with the help of Teduray elders. Pupils aged between seven and 14 come from as far afield as Ranao Tenge, four kilometers away, whereas their older siblings are forced to trek to Ranao Elementary School six kilometers from Bliugan. Worn-out chairs and books, plus the muddy and winding roads, give children in the mountains a hard time to stay in school.

Looking for colleges? Start with provinces

In the 2006 movie “Accepted,” high school senior student Bartleby "B" Gaines invented the fake school “South Harmon Institute of Technology” (S.H.I.T) after he failed to pass the entrance exams of various colleges and universities.