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Political analyst Professor Popoy de Vera and journalist Teddy Locsin Jr. on Thursday weighed in on how the comic book about presidential candidate Mar Roxas has affected his image.

Speaking on ANC's #NoFilter, Locsin said Roxas should look at the people working for him, since some of his political ads are not effective in making him look good to the public.

"He should look at his own disciples, that's where you get people to crucify, because his ads are so bad. Let's face it. At the end of the road, nobody went to Tacloban except Mar Roxas. Nobody was there during the storm except Mar Roxas," he said.

For De Vera, it is also important that Roxas' branding is based on facts.

"There's a cardinal principle when you do branding, when you put out ads. And it's the fact that there should be truth in what you are branding. You cannot spin a whole narrative based on fiction. I'm not saying that everything is fiction, but there should be a factual basis for the things that you are saying."

He added that the comic book could have been more effective had it been released earlier on in the campaign.

"Maybe it would have been easier if they did that comics early on in the campaign. It's some sort of a sign of desperation now when you put it towards the end of the campaign where Yolanda has been talked about in two presidential debates already and then you look very defensive coming out with it at this point," De Vera added.