OPINION: Living history by making it

Teddy Locsin, Jr.

Posted at Nov 27 2016 08:41 AM

No one can know history better than those who lived it. No one can know more about a historical event than those who made it happen—or witnessed or suffered it. The good and the bad equally, though the bad are inclined to lie about it.

Thus, those who were at EDSA surely know more about what happened and what was at stake there than those who just write and read about it: our freedom and what each of us there put on the line from the Snap Election to victory.

Free is what we lost and sought to regain. Freedom is already everything by itself. It cannot be traded for anything, least of all institutional bad manners. We have had freedom ever since people—even if not all the people, took it back from the dictatorship.

They took it back for themselves and for those who supported the dictatorship. Even Marcos cronies got the freedom to keep what they stole and hid on his behalf. What we all have done with that freedom is none of Ninoy's and Cory's responsibility but entirely our fault and the fault of the generations after ours. We keep digging our own graves by our choices in every election.

But after last Friday, the young who were born after EDSA and cannot know Martial Law better than those who lived it, nor know more of EDSA than those who made it happen, are back in the streets again.

Youth without firsthand knowledge of Martial Law and EDSA are now living their own history. Not because of the past but because of the present which they personally witnessed:
          The interment of infamy
          In a place of glory.

At the entrance of the Libingan it is written,
          "Tell me not the humbleness of his birth
          Tell me rather the glory of his death."

That is what they are protesting. The incongruity of three things together:
          The common soldiers' self sacrifice,
          The ideal of presidential public service,
          And the reality of dictatorial self-service.

Lived history is better than read history. Or writing history for that matter, if you were not there to have lived it. But making history like the young are doing today is better than reading it. They are writing history on the pages of their bodies.

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