OPINION: It matters

Teddy Locsin Jr.

Posted at Apr 11 2017 01:10 PM

Edith Lederer of Associated Press reports that 20 million people in just 4 countries face starvation, famine, and the end of any future for malnourished children with stunted brains unless the world coughs up $4.4 billion by July. Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and northeast Nigeria need humanitarian aid. And the aid needs safe passage. 

Only 6% of the little aid available is getting through. The Philippines has no money but Filipinos do not lack for courage and ingenuity to get aid through. They make the best peacekeepers in the world. If we deploy them again that problem will be solved. I will try to get them back. They were pulled out from some of of the world’s worst trouble spots because of an Ebola outbreak. 

But first, $4.4 billion in aid must be raised. The conflicts in these places are proxy wars of very rich countries. But Trump declared that the biggest donor will cut its contribution to the UN.

Why does this matter to us? This didn’t even make to the news in our country. I am not sure why it matters. I just feel it does. So does most of the world or it wouldn’t be news out there. 

It has nothing to do with for whom the bell tolls even if it tolls for people just like us. It is just the right thing to feel and think and do.

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