OPINION: He reads my tweets

Teddy Locsin, Jr.

Posted at Apr 10 2017 04:28 PM

CNN reports that Pope Francis is open to married men becoming priests to address the shortage of priestly vocations. Earlier he thought of letting priests marry but he read my tweets about the Catholic propensity to drop a dime in the collection plate instead of writing a check for huge amounts like Protestants do.

Filipino Catholics forage fiercely in their wallets for the smallest denomination to give. They’ve mastered the art of dropping coins soundlessly or folding a bill so small or rolling it so thin, the next person can’t tell if it is a P100 or a P20 peso bill or something smaller if there is any around.

Well-off Catholics should give multiples of what the least well-off give. Most of it goes to charity including support for priests. When it comes to tipping a dance instructor or a singing companion in a KTV—Wow! “Here, hijo (or hija, as the case may be) you can hold my handbag or my wallet. Help yourself.” 

If priests were allowed to marry their families would beg in the streets. Only Protestants understand that what you give in this life determines what you get in the next. It gets really hot in hell.

So Francis is considering allowing married men to become priests under certain conditions, like a track record of family responsibility (not being a good for nothing bum who leaves everything to the wife to do and pay for) and preparedness to serve remote communities. 

The Roman church believes priests should not marry because they act in persona Cristi, in the person of Christ who did not marry. If he had married—well, imagine this.

“Really? You drove the money-changers away? Now where do we change denarii into drachmas?” Or “he offered you world dominion if you threw yourself off a cliff? You said no? My God, I mean my husband, you float around all the time.” 
Just joking.

In fact, Teilhard de Chardin gave the best reason for celibacy, one having to do with total commitment and greater likelihood of closer Cohesion with Christ in the singular focus of the single priest.

Pope Francis said, “10 centuries of priestly celibacy has had its ups and downs but it was mostly up.” Just the same, a good man at the altar—his good wife and kids in the pew—might make us think that really less stands between Christ and us than our lame excuses not to imitate Him might lead us to think. We want to be good—but later.

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