OPINION: What never changes

Teddy Locsin Jr.

Posted at Apr 16 2017 01:24 PM

Rob Waugh of Yahoo News reports that the earth’s magnetic poles ‘could be about to flip. First sign might be here already.’ The last time was 786,000 years ago. ‘If the poles flip compasses will point south. That could have significant effects on earth’s power grid.’ But that is all. No catastrophic events will follow. 

‘An anomaly in South Africa may hold the key to predicting the next flip,’ say researchers in the University of Rochester where compasses point south. But this is deep under ground where the earth’s molten core meets its stiff upper lip. ‘In this area,’ says Prof. Tarduno of Rochester, ‘the polarity of the field is opposite the average global magnetic field. Deep under southern Africa north points south. This anomaly grows rapidly and one may grow large enough to dominate the magnetic field. Then the poles reverse.’ 

But don’t panic. This will take 2,000 years—the time that passed from the birth of the Prince of Peace to what should have been, after 20 centuries of worsening wars but was not the 2nd millennial end of the world. 

The worst that might happen is that the northern hemisphere will be called the southern, but any wall built between them will still serve the same purpose of keeping a super continent connected by a thin strip of land bifurcated by a canal from uniting—as the American Founding Fathers once hoped to achieve. 

Yup, as early as the generation of Tom Jefferson they wanted all of it for themselves—the northern and southern hemispheres of the American continent. 
Geography and geology, the tectonic plates of the earth—all that can shift but some things never change. One of them is human nature which keeps divided merely because of language and complexion what is really only one continent but for an artificial sliver of water. Another is greed and never having enough of a good thing. The other day, preparatory to restoring the death penalty, Congress removed plunder from the list of capital offences under an administration that aims to spend more than any other in the history of the republic. That’s what is oddly called forward planning, as if planning that is retrospective can be anything but just a cover-up. Human nature is resistant to change even over a geologic time span. 

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