Trump's 'America-first': Dissecting the new president's inaugural speech


Posted at Jan 23 2017 08:05 PM | Updated as of Jul 24 2017 05:38 PM

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After Donald Trump took his oath as the Unites States of America’s 45th president, the world continues to wait with bated breath for a clearer picture of what the new president will do after he promised an America-first policy. 

Historian Manolo Quezon explained how Trump is going against conservative thinking in promoting big spending on two things: infrastructure at home and the military for projecting power abroad.

“Since 1945, America has put itself forward as the policeman of the world, and advocate of democracy. That long period of American thinking, Trump said in his inaugural address, is at an end,” Quezon said.

Quezon joins “[email protected]” to analyze Trump’s inaugural speech.

[email protected] 23 January 2017