Jinggoy won't question brother JV's use of 'Estrada' in COC


Posted at Oct 25 2018 11:37 AM

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MANILA - Former Senator Jinggoy Estrada on Thursday said he would not question his half brother Sen. JV Ejercito's use of the "Estrada" surname in his certificate of candidacy.

Estrada, who was released on bail after 3 years of detention for graft and plunder charges, said he would have thought about filing a case against his brother "if he used 'Estrada' first."

Ejercito, a re-electionist, opted to use their father's "Estrada" as his alias in his certificate of candidacy.

Asked if he would file a case against Ejercito for using Estrada, the former lawmaker said: "No because he used Ejercito first, then Estrada."

Because of Ejercito's decision to keep his surname in the ballot, Estrada believes the votes would not be divided between the two of them as some analyst believed.

As for Estrada, he said "Jinggoy Estrada" is his legal name now, as indicated in all his official documents, and he no longer uses his given name, Jose P. Ejercito.

Ejercito, on the other, might not have a court order where he is recognized as bearing the "Estrada" surname, he said.

Before the start of COC filing period, Commission on Elections Spokesperson James Jimenez said Ejercito could been declared a nuisance candidate if Estrada questioned his use of their father's surname in the ballot.