Duterte rejects diplomat's call to tone down anti-US rhetoric


Posted at Oct 25 2016 02:21 PM

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MANILA - President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday rejected an American diplomat's call to tone down his rhetoric against the United States, saying the US should not treat the Philippines "like a dog on a leash."

In a press briefing before his trip to Japan, the President said he received a call from Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay about the recent visit of Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia Daniel Russel. He said Russel told Yasay about "toning down our rhetorics against America."

"Sabi ko: 'Wag niyo akong ganunin.' Every time they threaten us, pati itong [European Union]. Akala mas bright sa atin. Tapos, be careful we'll put you in prison. P****, subukan mo," Duterte said.

(I said: "Don't do that to me." Every time, they threaten us including the European Union. They think they're brighter than us. And then 'Be careful, we'll put you in prison.' [Expletive] try it.)

Duterte explained he did not start the word war against certain US officials.

"I didn't start this fight. They started it," he said.

He noted that before the May elections, he was called out by two foreign ambassadors for his comments on the jailhouse rape of a foreign missionary during a 1989 prison riot.

"You are not supposed to do that because in an election of another country, you should be careful with your mouth. I reacted and it started to go out of control until they threatened me with imprisonment because of human rights violation," he recalled.

"Bakit ako nagmura? Just to show bastos din ako. (Why did I cuss? To show I can be rude too.)

Duterte criticized the US, President Barack Obama and the State Department for allegedly threatening to cut of assistance as a result of the human rights violations under his administration.

"Sabi ko sa kanila: 'P****** niyo wag niyo kaming gawing aso. (I told them: 'Don't treat us like dogs.) As if I'm a dog with a leash," he said.

ANC, October 25, 2016