Hydrologist: Flood control projects should have been done before rainy season


Posted at Aug 11 2022 01:45 PM

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MANILA – A hydrologist on Thursday said the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) should have prioritized repairing flood control systems ahead of the wet season in the Philippines.

The DPWH had earlier told ABS-CBN News that three drainages in the City of Manila were closed down to make way for renovations that would benefit the Manila Baywalk Dolomite Beach. The closure of the 3 drainage systems has been blamed for the recent floods in Manila.

“In this case, due to the construction, I would, I can imagine that there would be some complications if the open the drainage outfall. However, in my opinion, this is quite ill-timed because projects such as these should have been, or I would prefer that they be done before the wet season,” said Professor Mayzonee Ligaray of the University of the Philippines Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology.

“Because in Metro Manila, we know that our city is very prone to flooding even with a couple of hours of rain.”

The expert said government must figure out a way to address flooding beyond the solution of using portable pumps.

“They have to find some ways to reroute the floodwaters or maybe they can, there are some drainage outfalls that they can slightly open just to, just to reduce the floodwaters going towards only one sewage outfall,” she said.

Asked about the use of mobile pumps to ease flooding, Ligaray said, “Usually naman ay nagfa-fall towards, directly towards the Pasig River or even the nearby rivers and canals yung mga floodwaters and so, ito lang ay band-aid solution para ma-address yung issue but hopefully ay yung tanging solusyin talaga ay ma-open up na itong drainage na ito para madirect na sa tama, which is the sewage treatment plant,” she explained.

--ANC, 11 August 2022