Analyst warns of Chinese 'control' amid infra aid


Posted at Aug 10 2017 05:03 PM

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MANILA - Philippines should be wary about about China providing aid in the administration's infrastructure push, an analyst said. 

Professor Richard Vietor of the Harvard Business School warned that as seen in other countries where China provided aid, "there are consequences."

"While the Philippines for sure could appreciate infrastructure investments, they’ve got to be a little careful about Chinese control. I will hope that [President Rodrigo] Duterte could rebuild his relationships with the United States," said .

Vietor said while it's good that China wants to invest in the country, the Philippines is "sacrificing their autonomy" and their "strong historical relationship" with the United States, its long-time defense ally.

"We care a lot about the Philippines and I think our relationship has been pretty good. I hate to see frictions being caused for no reason," he said.

"One good thing one can say is [President Donald] Trump is a fan of Duterte and hopefully, that will help strengthen relations a bit," added Vietor.

In this interview with ANC's Early Edition, Vietor talks about the Southeast Asian countries, the South China Sea, and the growing protectionism.