How Australia battles illegal drugs


Posted at May 15 2017 11:35 PM

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For Australia, a multi-dimensional approach is the way to go in curbing illegal drug use.

According to Australian Ambassador Amanda Gorely, Australia makes use of combined efforts of law enforcement, rehabilitation, community support, education, and international cooperation in dealing with illegal drugs.

"We are applying a multi-dimensional approach and that includes law enforcement. It’s very important to have strong anti-drugs laws and to enforce them in a way that is, you know, according to the law, meaning people who are suspected of engaging in illegal activity are charged, arrested, and stand trial," she said.

Though Gorely admits that dealing with the illegal drug problem is "not an easy process," she says applying a multi-faceted approach is "critical" to ensure that users would not return to the vice.

--ANC Talkback, May 15, 2017