'Don't single us out': BBL drafter rejects 'Bangsamoro only' anti-dynasty provision


Posted at Feb 13 2018 02:55 PM

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MANILA - A member of the group that drafted a proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law on Tuesday rejected adding provisions to abolish political dynasties in the region into the measure.

Jose Lorena, part of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission, said they are willing to help in the crafting of a national law against dynasties, provided they "will not be singled out in the first place."

"The anti-dynasty problem is not only a problem of the Bangsamoro. It is a national problem. We do not like to be singled out as always. We always are the experiment for anything," he told ANC's Early Edition

"We are not against an anti-dynasty law. We are for it but perhaps the Congress of the Philippines can come up with an anti-dynasty law for the country and not only singling out the Bangsamoro Basic Law," he said.

"If we put the anti-dynasty law in the Bangsamoro, it shows again that much of the problem is only confined with the Bangsamoro...Since this is a national problem, then there should be a national legislation that would address the entire problem of anti-dynasty."

Senator Miguel Zubiri, chair of the Senate subcommittee on the Bangsamoro Basic Law, also aired his misgivings about inserting such a provision, which may be perceived as discriminatory because the proposal in the Constitution prohibiting political dynasties has not yet been passed.