'Pugot', other spirits haunt Binangonan mansion

Posted at Oct 30 2012 04:05 PM | Updated as of Oct 31 2012 03:34 AM

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MANILA, Philippines - A severed head, a white lady, dwarves and other otherworldly creatures. These are just some of the paranormal entities that allegedly haunt an  abandoned mansion in Binangonan, Rizal.
"White lady, dwende, tikbalang, may pugot na ulo pa nga," caretaker Joseph Despabiladeras said.
Other residents of Binangonan, Rizal claimed to have seen ghosts and spirits in the mansion, which was owned by a family from Mindoro and has been fully abandoned since 1987.
Jun Marcos said he once heard strange sounds coming from inside the house. He tried to follow the noise and traced it to a closed cabinet.
"Pagbukas ko ng cabinet, narinig ko sabi 'Huli ka!' Eh wala naman akong nakitang tao," Marcos said.
Even his son, who claimed seeing a white lady in the area, told him, "'Tay, may mumu."
In an XXX episode Monday, DZMM host and psychic Stargazer, along with the Philippine Paranormal Investigators Society (PPIS), visited the mansion to confirm the residents’ claims that ghosts and spirits haunt the area.

The first in the country to use the latest gadgets in recording paranormal activities, the PPIS was consulted by XXX to help explain the spirits the residents are seeing.
With modern technology, PPIS said they are able to measure spirits’ energy and record their voices, which are not commonly seen and heard by the naked eyes and ears.
Jo Aguidan, technology manager of PPIS, introduced their modern and scientific gadgets: electromagnetic field detector or EMF spike meter, which measures the energy of paranormal entities; electronic voice phenomenon recorder, which records disembodied voices or white noise; motion sensor device, which detects actions of spirits; ultraviolet digital camera, which takes still photos of entities not seen by an ordinary camera; and an ordinary video camera in night vision mode for the group's actual documentation.
Upon arriving at the area, the group’s EMF spike meter immediately indicated that spirits were near.
Stargazer said, "Humawak na agad eh. Pugot na ulo na nakaitim," to which the caretaker's wife replied, "May nagbigti daw po kasi dito."
Everytime Stargazer tried to call onto the ghosts and spirits, the EMF meter spiked, proving that paranormal entities were around and communicating.
PPIS and Stargazer also confirmed that a “dwende” or a dwarf-like creature was around and actually wanted to play with them.
The “dwende” even expressed fondness over one of the XXX staff and followed her wherever she went, Stargazer said.
PPIS was able to record white noises. which they said came from the “dwende.” They also took photos of many orbs in and around the mansion.
Aguidan said orbs or circular shades of light indicate the presence of spirits. 
The group even found in one photo an orb on the hand of the XXX staff being followed by the “dwende.”
They also saw in the photos a man with no head in white shirt and pants, and ghosts of a woman and a child.
Before leaving the mansion, Stargazer and PPIS uttered a prayer for the spirits and invoked light to help them.
“Wala naman tayong magagawa… Ipanalangin na lang natin sila,” Stargazer said.
Stargazer and PPIS said that while gadgets in the country are still not perfect, they still hope that someday they will be able to enter and better explain the paranormal world, which is commonly intertwined with the living world.