‘F’ girls reunited

Posted at Mar 28 2012 02:26 PM | Updated as of Sep 10 2019 01:25 PM

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They defined generation “F” – empowered women who were the voice of young cosmopolitan Manila.

Daphne Oseña-Paez, Cher Calvin, Angel Aquino and Amanda Griffin weren’t just trendsetters – they served as inspiration to countless viewers, from young girls to grown ladies, who watched them give advice about beauty and fashion, go to the latest hotspots, and just be girls on TV.

Ten years later, they cheerfully call themselves the “F” women – all grown-up, having experienced motherhood, moving to another country, and other changes in their lifestyle.

“For me it’s like my life flashing back again because ‘F’ for me captured a big chunk of my womanhood. I mean, when we got together we were still all single and just trying to get a career on television,” Oseña-Paez said.

For her part, Griffin said: “I did disappear for a little bit. I got married, had a baby. When I knew Angel I was this carnivore who liked to go out and do all these things. And since then, I’ve started to discover the holistic lifestyle. And it’s really different.”

But even if they’ve gone their separate ways, the world will always know them as “F” girls.

“It’s really the power of information which ‘F’ gave to a lot of the young kids back then. And until now, a lot of them are still picking up from ‘F.’ People would still come up to me and ask about the show. It was a really good show and we can all tell how much it impacted the lives of women and girls,” Aquino said.

“I think that’s what ‘F’ is really about for everybody that was part of that team… It was not like work. I think that’s the best way to describe it,” Calvin said.

Even if they’re no longer together in one show, the “F” girls continue to make their mark on TV.

Griffin, back from Hong Kong, is set to have a show on the Lifestyle Network with “F” as her benchmark.

Aquino continues to make her mark as an acclaimed actress, starring in numerous primetime TV series and films.

On the other hand, Oseña-Paez is producing her own shows, using what she learned both on- and off-cam on “F.”

And Calvin continues to shine on the camera as a TV anchor for a Los Angeles news outfit.

“Four powerful intelligent women getting together, getting along and with no competition. You know, I think people just like pitting women against each other. I think what really helped is that we had our own individual paths, own passions and directions. And we help each other,” Oseña-Paez said.

It’s been ten years since they shared the same couch. But no matter what new adventures they get into, the iconic girls will continue to empower women wherever they go. – Ginger Conejero, ABS-CBN News

Dateline Philippines, ANC, March 28, 2012