Bamboo bikes: Travelling the eco-friendly way


Posted at Aug 29 2017 06:45 PM

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With the hellish metro traffic, commuting can be a nightmare for most people. So this social entrepreneur is urging the public anew to travel in a faster and eco-friendly way.

Bambike founder Bryan Benitez Mcclelland said creating bamboo bicycles started out as a sustainable livelihood development program with Gawad Kalinga which soon developed into an effort to help the environment.

"Not only does the project creates jobs but also some of the greenest products in the planet," he said in an interview on ANC.

Mcclelland explains that like other materials, bamboo is a good and more organic material for making bicycles.

“Traditionally you think of steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber but I guess the bamboo is our local version of a more organic carbon fiber,” he said.

With his project, Mcclelland hopes to make roads more friendly for bikers. 

"What we need is much more effort on the side of the infrastructure development to make it more accessible on a daily basis for commuters so that biking could be a viable option for foregoing the private car," he said.

-ANC Early Edition, August 29, 2017