Create your own app in just a few minutes


Posted at Aug 16 2017 11:25 PM

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With applications designed for almost everything, developing one seems to be difficult and requires specialized skill.

But digital platform Honesty Apps makes developing one's own app easy and achievable within a few minutes.

The company allows users who need an app for special events (such as conferences) and for creating social or professional groups to put together their own app within a few minutes.

"We are a nation of building relationships so sometimes we feel awkward introducing ourselves but because of this app, you can introduce yourself through the app," said Kassy Pajarillo, public relations/marketing head of Honesty Apps.

Valenice Balace, CEO and managing partner of Honesty Apps, said the company also offers support services during and after the event for which the app is used for.

Honesty Apps charges a minimum of P100,000 for 1-year maintenance and marketing support for base apps.

-ANC Future Perfect, August 16, 2017