No loud parties, no weddings: Know the dos and don'ts during ghost month


Posted at Aug 11 2022 11:40 AM

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No swimming, no weddings and no loud parties. These and more are just some of the things to avoid during "ghost month," a Chinese festival in which ghosts are believed to come and wander the world. 

According to feng shui coach Johnson Chua, this year's ghost month is believed to run from July 29 to August 26 according to the Chinese lunar calendar. 

Chua gave several tips to avoid bad luck during ghost month such as avoiding staying out late at night, no swimming, avoiding getting married or avoiding major surgery. 

The reason for the "no weddings" tip during ghost month, he said, is because hungry ghosts may be attending the event and may be offended if not attended to properly. 

Some businessmen also do not start businesses or renovations or avoid signing contracts during the month. 

Another don't during ghost month: Avoid super loud parties with lots of singing and dancing. 

Other tips during ghost month are: Avoid picking anything from the outside that is not yours like coins or things that are left unattended, avoid risky sports and avoid travel.