Straws, sachets dominate plastic waste in oceans: expert


Posted at Jun 08 2017 06:45 PM

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Single use plastic items such as straws, wrappers, and sachets dominate most of the plastic waste in oceans, an environmental expert said Thursday.

Environmental engineer and University of Georgia Prof. Jenna Jambeck said over 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enter the oceans annually.

She said most of these waste are disposable items of which the Philippines is a major contributor.

"Solid waste management structure is lacking [in the Philippines]," she said.

To help decrease plastic waste, Jambeck urged Filipinos to buy supplies in larger quantities which are usually more cheaper and require less packaging.

“If people look at the economy, like if you buy in larger quantities, it always costs less. So I can imagine that people would want to save money and then help save the environment by not having so much packaging,” she said.

Jambeck joined ANC’s “Early Edition” on World Oceans Day and talked about how to keep oceans clean and sustainable.

--ANC Early Edition, June 8, 2017