Looking for a place to stay in Manila? Check out this capsule hostel


Posted at Mar 26 2017 06:11 PM

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Hostels aren’t always the best option if you’re looking for privacy, but Tambayan Capsule Hostel makes sure each guest has a private space at a budget-friendly price.

Each capsule has a bed, pillow, linens, mirror, an electric outlet, a light and a fan. Guests also get blinds to pull down and safety boxes to keep their valuables in.

Karen Ang Niegas, director of the hostel said the place was conceptualized for backpackers and adventurous travelers who want to explore Manila.

“We thought of putting a unique idea on the hostel so that’s why we created the capsule bed,” she said.

Private rooms are also available for those who may feel claustrophobic in the capsules. 

Each room in the hostel is decorated with murals of Philippine symbols that are commissioned from local artists.

The hostel building also has a rich history since it has seen several refurbishments and renovation but much of it has been preserved since its construction in the 1940s.

For those looking for a quick grub without having to go far, the hostel also has a gastrobar that serves authentic Filipino food.

Not only is Tambayan hostel accessible to travelers, it is also a place for adventure-seekers to meet new friends and just hang out.