Rebuilding Marawi: How AFP plans to help the city rise from the ruins


Posted at Aug 22 2017 02:12 PM

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Community engagement with local government units and law enforcers is a significant help in rehabilitating war-torn Marawi City, a military official said.

Lt. Col. Jo-Ar Herrera, spokesperson of Joint Task Force Marawi said rebuilding the besieged city is a challenge but can be achieved with the cooperation of locals.

"I think it is very challenging, but it is very enriching, it provides an opportunity because it creates a better perspective for the AFP. When you combine hard power and soft power, it becomes smart power," he said.

The military has also launched peace-building activities for the youth to help them understand the ongoing conflict in the Islamic city.

Herrera said soldiers visit schools to debunk ISIS propaganda and prevent the radicalization of the youth.

'We have a strong partnership with the different organizations....because in civil-military operations collaboration and partnership is very important," Herrera added.

The military late last week said fighting in the area has been contained to less than a square kilometer with remaining Maute terrorists believed to be holed up in the grand mosque.

--ANC Top Story, August 21, 2017