Sharon Cuneta reacts to KC unfollowing Kiko, Frankie


Posted at Sep 16 2023 01:45 AM

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Sharon Cuneta admitted that she was hurt when her daughter KC Concepcion unfollowed her stepfather Kiko Pangilinan and half-sister Frankie Pangilinan on Instagram, but opted not to detail the reason behind the apparent rift within the family.

The music icon was asked about her ties with KC on Friday, September 15, during the press conference of her upcoming reunion concert "Dear Heart" with Cuneta's ex-husband and KC's father, Gabby Concepcion.

KC had earlier confirmed unfollowing Kiko and Frankie on social media, saying that it was for her "peace of mind." At that time, she declined to elaborate on the "complications" that led to her decision.


Cuneta sang a similar tune on Friday, explaining that while KC's move did upset her, she would always choose to understand and protect her daughter.

"Some things have to stay within the family, so you cannot expect me na siraan ko ang anak ko," Cuneta said. "I will never do that."

"Lahat ng tao nagkakamali. As long as an apology is sincere and you take accountability for it, whatever it is — this is for all my children — I will always forgive and I will always embrace you with open arms."