Shocking! X-ray shows crucifix stuck in Peruvian child's throat


Posted at Nov 15 2023 09:30 AM

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A mother was scared to death after finding out her child had swallowed a crucifix, which was successfully removed by medical staff on Saturday (November 11) in Peru.

X-ray images showed the crucifix lodged in the 10-month-old child's esophagus.

The child was treated at the Victor Lazarte Echegaray Hospital, in La Libertad, where she underwent an endoscopy to remove the foreign object.

Maricarmen Sajami Rosas, the child's mother, noticed the baby was experiencing discomfort and took her to the hospital where the staff found the object. 

"The procedure was very complicated because it was a crucifix and it was lodged in the upper third of the esophagus. Even when we tried to remove it initially, we couldn't, it was jammed in, so we tried several times until I managed to pull the foreign body out," Luis Esteves Cabanillas, doctor in charge of child's surgery, said. 

"I thank the doctors who miraculously, because as I say, it's like starting over, it's a gift, a blessing, a miracle, for saving my daughter," Rosas said.

The child is now reported to be in good health.

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