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Ever wonder where coffee retailer Bo's Coffee got its name?

Company president and chief executive Steve Benitez said it was borne out of an inspiring encounter with an American coffee roaster named "Bo" during his very first coffee expo in the mid-1990s who had a profound impact on him.

Today, Benitez said, he has two cups of coffee a day and is willing to try coffee from various origins including Rwanda.

He's even tried civet coffee, and if he weren't getting his fix from coffee, he'd be in the travel industry for obvious reasons: he loves travelling and even sets time for a trip with his wife, with family and his "me time."

He just returned from a 5-day Asian cruise with four port calls: in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia; Phuket, Thailand; and Singapore.

He's booked too for the next three months for couple time with his wife in Japan and a return trip to Kuala Lumpur in April for an executive program.