Teaching values and skills more important than introducing students to AI: educators


Posted at Sep 25 2023 10:42 PM

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The educational system needs to prepare for the impact of AI, but more importantly, educators need to build "baseline" skills into students so they can better take advantage of new developments in technology. 

"We need to work on the baseline," according to Margarita Ballesteros, Deped Director IV, when asked about how the department is looking at generative AI. 

Francis Jim Toscano, GS Edtech coordinator, Xavier School-San Juan, meanwhile said developing digital learning skills and critical thinking skills is more important at this point. As generative AI starts to raise questions about honesty and integrity, Toscano said educators should focus on value. 

"In the end, technology will change. We don't know what technology will come in but if we've set those values and skills in the minds of the students, I think that's one way of preparing them for the future," Toscano said.

-- ANC Business Outlook, Sept. 25, 2023