BSP gov on Charter change: 'Not at this time'


Posted at Jul 04 2019 12:13 PM

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MANILA - Bangko Sentral Governor Benjamin Diokno rejected Thursday moves to amend the Constitution, saying this will only disrupt the country's economic growth.

"Not at this time. To me, I've seen many administrations, the best time to change the Charter is during the first half of your term, not during the second half. This is now implementation time," Diokno told ANC. 

The former budget secretary also said that any changes to the Charter, especially a shift to federalism, halfway through President Rodrigo Duterte's term would be disruptive.

He, however, is in favor of reforms in the economic provisions of the Constitution.

"That, I favor. I would like to open up the economy--educational system, ownership of lands," he said.
The Philippine central bank chief added that investors are convinced that the best game in town is the Philippines.

"We're doing great at this time. I describe it as 'Goldilocks economy'--not too hot, not too cold--just right. Strong growth, low inflation," he said.