Stanible brings celebrities, fans together through collectible NFTs


Posted at Feb 13 2023 11:37 AM

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NFT platform Stanible is betting on the fandom culture in the Philippines for growth as it brings celebrities closer to its fans through collectible mementos, its Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Harry Santos told ANC on Monday.

Fans can purchase "collectibles" in the form of NFTs such as photos for as low as P300 to as much as P10,000 and "own a moment" of their idol's lives, Santos said.

NFTs or nun-fungible tokens are items that were tokenized using the blockchain technology.

"Imagine, if you’re a hardcore fan, you can now own a share of their moment - audition tapes, never before scene moments, behind the scenes - things that fans will really find worthy of collecting," he said.

"This may just be photos and video but to the fans, they might be very valuable," he added.

Santos said the platform now offers NFTs from big celebrities, musicians, influencers, Tiktokers, and online content creators, among others.