Feng shui expert lists top business, investments in 2021 - Year of Metal Ox


Posted at Feb 12 2021 12:04 PM

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MANILA - Businesses in the "digital realm" and other sectors will be "stronger" this year, the Year of the Metal Ox, a feng shui expert said Friday.

Trader and feng shui scholar Alyssa Salazar said in an interview with ANC that 2021 brings in a new feng shui cycle called Period 9, or "the Age of Fire," which will run up to 2024.

Under Period 9, businesses revolving in the areas of innovation, technology, beauty, health, hope and spirituality will be prosperous.

"As early as last year, energies of the Age of Fire has already entered and will only get stronger this year... Any business going into those sectors, we can foresee that they will be stronger," Salazar said.

Industries that will do well include logistics, gaming, e-commerce, digital entertainment and video streaming, as people are dependent on these services to get by during the pandemic.

Financing, lending, and mining of precious metals are also good but at risk of changing government policies, Salazar said, while construction, properties and insurance are "safe havens" for people to put their money in.

She said the best "money-makers" this year are those who were born in the years of the Tiger, Monkey and especially Rooster, as it will be the most prosperous this year in terms of money and investments.

Signs that will meet "harder times" this year are Ox, Goat and Rabbit.

But Salazar noted tips on how to attract good energies this year, which are:

Get rid of the negative thoughts and emotional baggage

"By Feb. 15, 2021, 1:30 p.m., write down the things you want to remove in your life... then burn that paper. After, manifest the good things to come into your life," Salazar said.

Manifest the good things to come into your life

The feng shui expert said many people tend to lean more to negative thoughts.

She said people need to reinforce positive thoughts and energies to be able to attract them.

Avoid negative areas in your homes, use positive areas more

Salazar said people should stay in the "center, northeast and west" parts of their homes to bring health, and in the east area to attract growth.

To do this, use a compass or phone compass in the center of the house to identify the areas, she said.

She also advised against renovations and loud noises inside the house this year.

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