"Wonder Mom" empowers mothers; now one hour long


Posted at Sep 04 2008 05:32 PM | Updated as of Sep 08 2008 07:21 PM

More than just being a parenting magazine program, "Wonder Mom" is creating a virtual community among new and experienced mothers who can learn from each other's experiences on parenthood as they watch the TV show.
"There are no textbook answers in raising a child except by experience.  We think all mothers know what to do, but they actually don't. They need help and assistance from fellow mothers," said Karen Davila, the show's host.
"Wonder Mom" will now become a one-hour weekly morning show starting Saturday, September 6. Living up to its tagline "Sagot Kita!," the show has been empowering and enabling mothers as they face different parenting issues and look for solutions.
Davila said doing a one-hour program will allow her to tackle basic issues confronting mothers who write to them, produce inspiring stories of mothers who underwent difficulties, and even do fun segments.
"I believe in the tagline of the show.  By saying 'sagot kita," I am assuring the mothers that they are not alone and that there is a solution to every problem," said Davila, who is a mother of two young boys.
For this week's episode (Sept. 6), Davila will give tips to viewers on how to keep kids from distractions like watching TV and playing computer games during eating time.

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Watch "Wonder Mom" every Saturday, 9:30 AM, on ABS-CBN.