U-turn scheme, world's biggest jigsaw puzzle on Probe


Posted at Jun 19 2008 05:28 PM | Updated as of Jun 20 2008 01:28 AM


Road scheme going nowhere?

The U-turn scheme of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has been blasted for worsening, not solving, the metro’s traffic problem.

Vehicles racing to get through a U-turn slot end up congesting the roads. Gasoline, too, appears to be wasted.

The culprit, according to critics, is the MMDA’s directionless strategizing of where and how to put up the U-turns. Reporter Hera Sanchez visits, in particular, the elevated U-turn along C-5 road, which allegedly failed global traffic standards.

Probing the Commission on Appointments

Tasked to confirm appointees of the President, the Commission on Appointments (CA) is supposed to ensure that these people are capable and deserving.

Critics, however, have said the CA has fallen prey to horse trading and to the Palace’s political maneuvers.

The commission that looks into the President’s appointees, itself is probed by Cheche Lazaro.

‘Puzzle girl’

Twenty thousand pesos. Twenty-four thousand pieces. This is the world’s biggest jigsaw puzzle, and a Filipino was first to solve it in Asia.

Robert Alejandro tells the story of Gemberly Tan, who has learned to solve not only the jigsaw, but more so, the puzzles unraveled by life.

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