WATCH: Rescued dog gets new lease on life ahead of Christmas


Posted at Dec 21 2017 06:30 PM

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A puppy found in a village at the foot of Taal goes from deathly thin to full of life in this touching video released by animal rights group PETA for the holidays. 

Christmas -- so called for his heartwarming story -- was found in the care of a poor household, along with his siblings. 

PETA claimed that the tiny pup was crawling with lice and suffering from infected pus-filled wounds on his back. 

But thanks to receiving the care he needed, Christmas managed to recover (although PETA didn't specify how long it took) and has since been adopted by a loving owner. 

In the clip, an all-grown up Christmas was seen full of energy as he ran around his new home in excitement over celebrating his first namesake holiday.