Here's how Twitter reacted to Adamson's historic cheerdance win

Adrienne Ross, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Dec 02 2017 11:48 PM

A good many expected the four-time champion National University Pep Squad to reign supreme once more, with the cheerdancers from University of the Philippines, returning after a one-year absence, posing perhaps the biggest challenge for them. 

But when the dust settled and the Adamson Pep Squad was named this year's winner --the university's first title in the history of the competition-- Twitter was predictably set alight by the shock twist. 

Fans erupted with messages congratulating Adamson for its highly entertaining, throwback-themed routine, featuring songs from classic groups such as VST & Co. 

It was as early as after Adamson's turn on the stage that some fans online were touting them to win, especially when compared to the error-dotted performance of NU. 

Second place went to the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Salinggawi Dance Troupe, and its fierce, tiger-inspired choreography. 

Reaction to UST's showing was mixed, which made Salinggawi a sort of a wild card based on early fan predictions. UST failed to make the podium last year, which is why this year's runner-up finish had the school's fans ecstatic. 

The University of the East (UE) took third place, fulfilling its mantra of "UnExpected, UnEnding, UltimatE" after 14 years without a podium finish. 

As the fifth team to perform, the UE Pep Squad both entertained and confused fans with its bird-like theme. Its feathered costumes caught the crowd's attention, as did its vast improvement from previous years. 

From the teams that did not place, the competition began with the highest hopes from NU fans, who were confident in adding another medal to the school's growing collection. 

They were the first to perform with a sea-themed routine, aiming to extend their winning streak that began in 2013. Reactions turned sour, however, as their errors piled on. 

The UP Pep Squad, meanwhile, was riding the hype over its highly anticipated comeback to the competition after skipping last year. 

With eight titles in total, fans understandably had high expectations. Though, much like with NU, it became quickly apparent that UP's performance needed more than just a few tweaks. 

The De La Salle Animo Squad drew positives with its "safe" routine, which, while it had minimal errors, didn't really have the wow factor when it came to stunts that people were looking for. 

Far Eastern University played with the theme of uniting the four elements: fire, wind, water, and earth, while the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion bewildered some with its attempt to fuse Filipino folk dance with techno beats. 

Overall, reaction was generally positive over Adamson's win and there were very little complaints over the results. 

Fans were giddy in hoping that this is the beginning of a power shift in the competition, with underdog teams capable of springing a surprise podium finish to keep things interesting.