WATCH: The Rock gives a shout out to Eruption


Posted at Nov 18 2017 04:50 AM


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He treated himself to a massive cheat meal Thursday night. 

And not only did he enjoy the huge pizza, Eric "Eruption" Tai's decision to post a photo of himself flexing before he chowed down earned him a shoutout from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. 

On Instagram, Johnson went live and announced the winners of his "Big Meets Big" challenge, which was basically a dare for his followers to "find something that's big" and take a photo with it. 

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It's part of a promotional campaign for his newest movie, "Rampage," the trailer of which was released just hours after his live video. It's an adaptation of an old video game that lets you control a trio of overgrown monsters and destroy major cities.

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In his live video, Johnson highlighted the photo of the former "It's Showtime" host as one of the "honorable mentions" alongside a woman who posed with a tall stack of pancakes and a baby wearing giant shoes. 

As of writing, the live video is still available for viewing on Johnson's Instagram page but copies of it are already available on YouTube, thanks to fans who repost live videos.