LOOK: Kuya Kim takes a bath in huge heated wok


Posted at Oct 09 2016 06:32 PM

MANILA – An Instagram post of Kim Atienza soaking in a huge wok on an open fire instantly caught the attention of his social media followers.

Nine hours since it was posted, Atienza’s photo already garnered more than 5,000 “likes” and close to 100 comments, with netizens asking the “Matanglawin” host how it feels like.


A photo posted by Kim Atienza (@kuyakim_atienza) on

Apparently, Atienza’s photo was taken at a resort in Tibiao, Antique, which was designed “to blend with the environment.”

According to its official website, the Kayak Inn is an adventure camp that features rustic bamboo hut accommodation along Tibiao River.

The huts are supposedly made of crushed bamboo, each with a garden bathroom and a giant “kawa.”

Atienza said the Australian owner of the resort actually thought of its theme because he “wanted to trivialize the old practice [of witchcraft which was once practiced in the province] to make it less traumatic to local children and visitors.”

“It's actually quite pleasant,” Atienza said. "The wind is chilly so it's perfect."