Angry, confused clients lash out at BPI


Posted at Aug 30 2016 12:22 AM

Few noticed that on Friday, August 26, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) came out with an advisory on its website asking customers to update their customer information sheet (CIS) with the bank or risk losing access to electronic services, particularly ATMs. 

The initial deadline was August 31 – payday for many employed people. BPI has since moved the deadline to September 30. 

Since many Filipinos are on Facebook and Twitter, it would have been prudent to release the advisory on BPI’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

However, no such announcements were made on its social media accounts. And that didn’t sit well with many of BPI’s customers who took to social media to lash out at the bank. 

On Facebook, many people, apparently clients of the bank, complained that BPI failed to properly inform them of the deadline.

The backlash from overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) was also significant: 

Some users noted that BPI had already been announcing the need for customers to update their CIS with the bank, stressing that BPI was merely following the requirement set by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP): 

BPI on Monday night had a change of mind with a new announcement, saying that customers must update their information on or before September 30.

There is also no mention of customers losing access to electronic services, as with their earlier announcement. In addition, BPI said those who have updated their accounts this year need not do so again – something they missed saying in their previous advisory.