Blasphemy! Cebu execs condemn 'Sto. Niño-Duterte' meme


Posted at Aug 02 2016 08:58 AM

Blasphemy! Cebu execs condemn 'Sto. Niño-Duterte' meme 1

CEBU - The Cebu Provincial Board has approved en masse a resolution condemning the blasphemous act of changing the facial image of Señor Santo Niño de Cebu with the face of President Rodrigo Duterte as posted in the internet by a certain Max Narama.

Provincial Board Member Sun Shimura said the board condemns the "Sto. Niño-Duterte meme', which shows a profane act and disrespect to the Holy Child.

Shimura said the passage of the resolution serves as a warning to all netizens and the public not to make fun of the Señor Santo Niño de Cebu.

The august body also condemned the act of Carlos Celdran, a cultural activist and a critic of President Duterte after he left the comment "Pwet Señor", a play on the words "Pit Señor."

Shimura said people are free to express themselves but should be sensitive enough to select an appropriate venue.

Vice Governor Agnes Magpale said that it is no longer a political issue but an act of making fun of the Child Jesus.

Blasphemy! Cebu execs condemn 'Sto. Niño-Duterte' meme 2

It was decided in mass motion to furnish copies of the resolution to all the local government units in Cebu Province to educate the public about the wrong act.

Shimura said he initially planned to file a resolution declaring Celdran a persona non grata in Cebu yet realized it was too much for a punishment.