LOOK: EverWing adds PH mythical creatures


Posted at Jul 19 2017 04:27 PM | Updated as of Jul 19 2017 05:33 PM

The creators of EverWing have a treat for the game's massive Filipino fanbase.

On Wednesday, Blackstorm Labs, in partnership with Smart, added five new "unique dragons," all based on Philippine mythical creatures, that players can hatch, level up, and evolve. 

It includes the Sarangay, a bull with a muscular body and bejeweled ears; Lampong, a bright-eyed deer with a long beard; and Kiwig, a ferocious and fiery pig. Buwaya, a crocodile with a saddle on its back; and Bakunawa, a serpentine dragon, were also added. 

All five share the same name with their Philippine mythology counterparts. 

Blackstorm Labs hopes the local customization -- a first for the company -- will draw more Filipinos to their game, further growing a playerbase of seven million in the Philippines alone. 

EverWing is a shooter game, exclusive to Facebook Messenger, where one assumes control of a fairy and then fly through various levels --similar to arcade classics like Galaga or Space Invaders.