Bigwasan Part 2? Tension rises between Baron, Mo Twister


Posted at Jul 09 2016 04:20 AM

MANILA -- Two weeks after his highly publicized URCC bout against fellow actor Kiko Matos, Baron Geisler seems to be taking on another match -- now, against radio DJ Mo Twister. 

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On Friday night, the 34-year-old actor took to Facebook to rant about Twister, whom he called an "arrogant douch[e] bag." 

In his post, Geisler called Twister's podcast "stupid and useless," adding that the program is used to demean and violate women. 

"Good Times With Mo: The Podcast" is notorious for asking straight-to-the-point questions to their guests, who are mostly celebrities. 

This was the same program where adult film star Maria Ozawa jokingly claimed that she had sex with veteran actor Cesar Montano. 

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It was also there where Keanna Reeves claimed to have had sex with actors Cogie Domingo, John Prats, Jake Cuenca and Luis Manzano, among others. 

Meanwhile, Twister responded to Geisler's rant through his Instagram account, an hour after it was posted. 

In a lengthy post, the 38-year-old DJ explained the reason for Geisler's rants. 

According to Twister, Geisler did not show up on his show because they did not grant his request to get an additional P20,000 talent fee. 

"The real story why you didn't show up tonight on my show was because you demanded we pay you twenty more thousand. So save us the preachy bullshit. Last time, you guested on this very show and all I paid you was two beers," he wrote. 

Twister continued by saying that the "supremely talented" Geisler needs some help. He also advised his long-time friend to lessen his alcohol intake, which he presumed was the reason why he posted such rant. 

"I'm gonna assume you're just drunk as fuck right now and when you wake up in morning you won't remember posting this. Or you're completely sober and stupid and you really want to get into a dumb social media war wherein I can shove all this right up your ass (wink), or we can book a fight night at a disco with a pool and have a bunch of socialites laugh at us as we attempt to be MMA posers. All because you're tired from ONE WEEK of work. Wow," he added. 

At the last part of his post, Twister teased Geisler with his popular line: "Ano? Tara na?"