WATCH: Anne's confused reaction to Miss Q&A answer is meme-worthy


Posted at Jul 03 2018 07:34 PM | Updated as of Jul 03 2018 07:52 PM

Anne Curtis' confused reaction to the answer of Miss Q&A finalist Odessa Jones last Saturday has spurred a meme that has caught the actress' attention.

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Curtis, a co-host of the LGBT pageant, was listening to Odessa's answer when she made the candid expression. For about 10 seconds, Curtis could be seen trying to make sense of what Odessa was saying — about whether judge Paul Cabral, who threw the question, should re-name himself to South Paul or North Paul.

A fan of Curtis caught that precise moment, and wasted no time to make it an entry to the "choose your fighter" meme, where two options are put side by side. In this case, a GIF or moving image of Curtis's reaction was put next to another candidate, Elsa Droga's, after hearing the question from judge Korina Sanchez.

Elsa had made a face as if to express disbelief, when Sanchez asked her, in line with the pageant's challenge of wits, why it is that her show "Rated K" isn't part of the MTRCB's TV ratings, alongside SPG, G, and PG.

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Amused with the meme, Curtis picked up the tweet and shared it with her 10 million followers. As of writing, it already had thousands of likes and nearly 200 retweets. Likewise, on the official YouTube upload of the segment, comments noticed Curtis' reaction, with one saying, "a new meme is born."

The finale of Miss Q&A, which also celebrated Pride Month with a grand production numbers, saw Hall of Famer Juliana Segovia as the pageant's first-ever titlist.