WATCH: Girl does makeup tutorial while riding on top of tricycle


Posted at Mar 16 2017 12:11 AM

If you just can't squeeze a few minutes in your morning routine to put on makeup, then you'll do well to learn from this tutorial video that's going viral. 

The six-minute clip stars a girl from Iloilo City doing her best impersonation of an average beauty vlogger on YouTube while riding on top of a tricycle. And yes, she did accurately apply all the complexion products she brought, and without falling off. 

Less than a day after it was uploaded on Facebook, the video has now been viewed more than 1.4 million times. And that's because it's a thoroughly entertaining watch — it wouldn't have been shared 27,000 times if it wasn't. 

There's catchy music playing the back, thanks to pop group Little Mix. Catering to Filipino's craving for a good laugh, there's a few quips here and there. "Acads is life. But kilay is lifer," the girl in the video joked at one point. 

But perhaps the best part is the girl managing to keep a straight face — all the way down to the last second, even when a man off-camera catcalled her. See for yourself (video above).