WATCH: 8-year-old girl operates backhoe in Ifugao


Posted at Mar 07 2017 07:42 PM | Updated as of Mar 07 2017 09:39 PM


The video of a little girl operating a backhoe has been shared almost 3,000 times and racked up almost 150,000 views on the Facebook page "The Igorot."

Many didn't know what to make of the video, with some assuming that the girl was being forced to work instead of being sent to school. 

ABS-CBN News was able to track down the girl in the town of Hungduan, Ifugao Province, and contrary to what some assumed, she does go to school. In fact, she is even competing for honors in her class. 

It just so happens that Aubrey Ayan, who is just 8-years old, really likes playing with heavy equipment. 

Her father Kim, who works in construction, says Aubrey rides her bicycle to their construction site after school to learn and play with heavy equipment. 

Aubrey's mother Ligaya Rose also shares that instead of playing with dolls, Aubrey prefers playing with boys' toys including, apparently, construction equipment. 

Aubrey dreams of becoming an engineer someday. With her expertise in heavy equipment, she's already got a great head start.

--with a report from Mae Cornes. Video courtesy of Inabiohan Lrose