LOOK: Robredo gives daughter simple debut


Posted at Feb 28 2018 12:04 AM


There were no fancy photoshoot and extravagant dresses for the 18th birthday of Vice President Leni Robredo's youngest daughter.

Jillian Robredo celebrated her debut by having dinner with her mother and elder sister Tricia Robredo.

In a Facebook post, the Vice President said that it was her daughters' examination week which was why they celebrated over ice cream cake, balloons, and flowers on Sunday night.

Leni and her daughter held up their phones, showing the photos of her late husband Jesse Robredo, and daughter Aika, who is studying in the United States.

"Both Jill and I are feeling under the weather (apologies for looking really sick). She and Trish also have exams tomorrow. We wanted Jill to sleep early so we surprised her with flowers, balloons and a birthday cake 2 hours early. We bought her an ice cream cake this time (because she was craving for DQ yesterday) but it started melting even before we could take this shot. So we had to rush it down where it belongs -the freezer," Robredo's Facebook post read.

"If it looks like we’re endorsing a cell phone brand, that’s Jesse and Aika there. We were making sure they can join us tonight."

On Monday, the three went out for "a very quick dinner."