Miss Netherlands 'overwhelmed' by Single Ladies' viral video

Katrina Domingo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jan 31 2017 06:15 PM

MANILA -- Miss Universe Netherlands Zoey Ivory may not have won the crown, but she has managed to earn the hearts of netizens after her dancing video taken during the 65th Miss Universe dress rehearsals at the Mall of Asia Arena went viral.

Ivory was spotted owning the stage as she danced to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” while her fellow contestants were all lined up in their long gowns.


"They said we can relax during the rehearsal so when I heard the music I was just being me," Ivory told ABS-CBN News on Tuesday.

"At first I didn't even notice that people were looking at me. Then I started to hear the cheering and then I said, 'Oh my God, people are looking at me.' The I went a little more full out," Ivory said while grooving in her seat.

The delegate from Netherlands said she learned the choreography of the Beyonce hit after she was asked to perform it when she was 17.

"Two men were going to get married and they asked me if I can perform 'Single Ladies' on their wedding because it's funny and they're gay," Ivory said.

The performing arts graduate said she asked two of her classmates to be her back-up dancers and her mastery of the moves took off from there.

"We just watched the video and just copied it. That's how I memorized the steps."

Ivory said she was "overwhelmed" by the reaction of netizens as the video, originally uploaded on Facebook on Sunday, has since become viral with over 15 million views as of writing.

"They are saying I should come back. They are saying I should just stay here. They're messaging my airline not to let me go on the plane," she said beaming.

"It's amazing and also really overwhelming because I never thought this would happen."

Ivory plans to return to see more of Philippines after she finishes her duties as Miss Universe Netherlands in her home country.

"I definitely want to come back because I love the people here so much. I love the weather, I love the country so I need to come back," she said.

"When I'm done with my Miss Netherlands thing in the Netherlands, I will come back and I will live here," she added in jest.

When asked if the song matched her relationship status, Ivory said while gesturing towards her finger, "I'm a single lady! Someone should put a real ring on this."