WATCH: Joel McHale, Stephen Fry speak Kapampangan in U.S. sitcom


Posted at Jan 18 2017 02:19 AM

Hollywood actor and host Joel McHale surprised quite a few when he spoke in Kapampangan for an episode of his sitcom, "Great Indoors." CBS

Here's something you don't see every day: An American and an English actor having a conversation in Kapampangan. 

A recent episode of "Great Indoors," a U.S. sitcom from CBS, showed the characters of Joel McHale and Stephen Fry, their thick accents in tow, speaking in the language used in Pampanga and parts of Central Luzon.

It was a way for the two to disguise their sneaky plan to teach a couple of millennials in the show a thing or two about camping by leaving them to fend for themselves in the wilderness without smartphones.

The scene was uploaded on Facebook. 

Like premise above suggests, "Great Indoors" is a comedy that aims to explore the gaps among the tech-savvy millennials, those from Gen X, as well as those from the baby boomer demographic. 

The show currently airs on CBS.