No EDSA means no Kris: Bloggers remember EDSA 1


Posted at Feb 25 2010 08:04 PM | Updated as of Feb 26 2010 04:10 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Twenty-four years ago, millions of Filipinos from all walks of life made history when they toppled the 14-year rule of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and installed a new leader, Cory Aquino, to take his place.

More than two decades later, the EDSA People Power Revolution remains a landmark event that is being celebrated not just on the streets but in blogs written by Filipinos participating in the February 25 Blog Action Day commemorating The Real Heroes of EDSA.

Blogger Sarah Katrina Maramag said the first real heroes of EDSA were the activists who participated in the First Quarter Storm, which ignited the anti-fascist and anti-martial law movement during the Marcos era.

Maramag, who works for the Kabataan party-list group, said the present political and economic conditions "make the nation very fertile for another uprising and resurgence of the youth and student movement."

"Twenty-four years after EDSA, our people remain hungry and restless. Indeed, even the FQS veterans are saying that, much similar to the martial law era, today’s national situation leaves very little debate on the need for genuine social change and reform," she said in her blog, Adarna's Attic.

Blogger Tonyo Cruz noted that the lessons of the EDSA revolution seem to have been lost as military and police abuses still continue to this day and the sitting president "seems to be so addicted to power and plunder."

"Today is time once again for heroes and heroism, for Filipinos to step up to the plate, for us to rediscover our bravery, to pay tribute to heroes by keeping the faith and carrying on the fight for authentic freedom and substantive democracy," Cruz wrote in his blog.

Some of the blog posts were exceedingly poignant. Blogger JD Lim, 19, reminisced about how his parents joined rallies during the Marcos era but were now instructing their kids not to join protest actions.

"EDSA is also about our parents who persuade us from joining these progressive movements and mass actions. Why? Because no matter how hard they try to convince us that EDSA meant nothing and all is not worth fighting for, they themselves still believe that someone has to take up the unfinished cause and go on with the struggle," he wrote.

One overseas blogger, The Pope, opted to think about what could have happened if the EDSA Revolution failed. He said a failure of EDSA 1 would have meant jail for Cory Aquino, possible exile for Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin and the firing squad for coup leaders Fidel Ramos, Juan Ponce Enrile and Gregorio Honasan.

He also predicted that President Marcos could have succeeded by his wife, Imelda, or his son, Bongbong, and that actress Kris Aquino would probably not have become famous.

"Walang ring  Kapamilya Channel tayong panunuorin kasi ang pamilyang Marcos ang may-ari ng ABS-CBN ng panahon na iyon at siguradong hindi sisikat si Kris Aquino bilang artista  dahil hindi sya makakalusot kay Gng. Imelda Marcos na Patriyarka ng Kultura at Sining nung panahon na iyon. Di rin sisikat ang kulay dilaw, baka huhulihin ka kapag nakasuot ka ng kulay dilaw at tatawagin kang komunista kahit dilaw lang ang ipin mo," he wrote in his blog