TIMELINE: Motorcycle power vs Doble Plaka Law

Art Fuentes, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Apr 09 2019 07:18 PM | Updated as of Apr 09 2019 11:03 PM

The Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act or "Doble Plaka" law has triggered one of the biggest nationwide mass actions under the Duterte administration. 

The new law mandates bigger plates at the front and back of motorcycles. It also imposes stiff fines of up to P100,000 and long prison sentences for violators. 

Sen. Richard Gordon says the Doble Plaka law will help curb crimes committed with the use of motorcycles. Gordon has had his eyes on motorcycle-related crimes for several years now. 

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Motorists protest the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act, which they refer to as the “double plaka law,” saying its provisions discriminate against law-abiding riders under the guise or crime prevention. Fernando Sepe, Jr., ABS-CBN News


August 2009 - Gordon proposes to put license plate numbers, via stickers or paint jobs, on the helmets of motorcyclists. He said this would help prevent 'riding-in-tandem' crimes.

Gordon wanted this provision included in the Mandatory Helmet Bill filed by Sen. Bong Revilla. The proposal was rejected by his colleagues.

Philippine National Police (PNP) officials said license plates on helmets would not completely address the problem of criminals using motorcycles. They admitted that police visibility was the primary way to curb crimes.

Motorcycle groups said Gordon's scheme would require people who owned more than 1 motorcycle to get several helmets.

Members of the PNP motorcycle patrol join riders in front of the Quezon City Hall to show their support to a proposed ordinance mandating license plate numbers on vests on August 8, 2014. ABS-CBN News


July 23, 2014 -The Quezon City Council passes an ordinance requiring motorcyclists to wear a vest displaying their license plate number, front and back.

Motorcycle groups opposed the scheme saying criminals could easily wear someone else's license plate number, or use a fake license plate.

August 19, 2014 - Mayor Herbert Bautista vetoes the ordinance amid outcry from motorcycle groups.

Senator Richard Gordon. ABS-CBN News/File


March 6, 2017 - Gordon files Senate Bill 1397 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act of 2017.

The bill requires bigger and reflectorized plate numbers for every motorcycle and scooter which must be placed both in the front and rear part of the motorcycle. The plate numbers should be big enough to be readable from a distance of between 12 to 15 meters.

Sen. JV Ejercito, a motorcycle enthusiast, was among those who signed the bill. ABS-CBN News file photo


July 25, 2017 - The Senate passes on third and final reading the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act of 2017

Even motorcycle enthusiasts, Sen. JV Ejercito and Sen. Gringo Honasan, signed the bill as the measure was approved with 21 affirmative votes, zero negative vote, and no abstention.

Thousands of Angkas riders join a Unity Ride from the EDSA People Power Monument to Quezon Boulevard on December 16, 2018. ABS-CBN News


December 2018 - The House and the Senate hold bicameral meetings on the Doble Plaka bill now known as Republic Act 11235.

Motorcycle groups, manufacturers and dealers oppose the bill, saying a front-mounted plate may be unsafe and difficult to fit in most motorcycle models. They also decry the stiff fines in the bill, reaching up to P100,000, calling it discriminatory.

The Motorcycle Rights Organization holds a protest motorcade on EDSA.

President Duterte receives a token for being the guest of honor during the Graduation Ceremony of the Motorcycle Riding Course Class 06-2016 at the Felis Resort Complex in Davao City on December 2, 2016. Simeon Celi, Malacanang Photo/File


March 8, 2019 - President Rodrigo Duterte, a motorcycle enthusiast himself, signs Gordon's bill, now popularly referred to as "Doble Plaka" into law.

March 14, 2019 - Malacañang releases a copy of the signed law to the public.

Thousands of motorcycle riders gather at EDSA corner White Plains before joining a “unity ride” on March 24, 2019 protesting the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act signed by President Rodrigo Duterte on March 8. Maria Tan, ABS-CBN News


March 24, 2019 - Tens of thousands of motorcyclists all over the Philippines hold a "Unity Ride" to protest the Doble Plaka law.

The nationwide mass action was one of the largest seen during the Duterte administration.

Senator Richard Gordon speaks during the Senate hearing on the state health fund, Philhealth, in Pasay, City on May 29, 2018. Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News/File


March 25, 2019 - Gordon, in an interview with DZMM Teleradyo, says riders' safety concerns about a front plate can be addressed by using a sticker or decal instead of a metal plate.

President Duterte delivers his speech during the 25th National Federation of the Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines Annual National Convention at the Iloilo Convention Center in Iloilo City on April 6, 2019. Simeon Celi Jr., Presidential Photo


April 6, 2019 - Duterte speaks at the 25th annual convention of the National Federation of the Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines (NFMCP) in Iloilo City, and says he would suspend the Doble Plaka law.